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At Yad Yisroel, education is tailored to the student. Students get the best of both worlds with individual instruction taking place in the context of a normal classroom experience. Certified special education teachers lead class lessons and guide paraprofessionals in working one-on-one with students and using specialized teaching techniques centered around each child’s abilities. While paras utilize individual curriculums, group lessons include thematic topics that target goals relevant to each child. With small class sizes, students get a chance to develop their social skills and interact with peers.



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The Individualized Program book is a tool that helps children achieve success by tracking data, targets, and trends and ensuring consistent progress across all settings and providers.

At the end of every lesson and session, teachers and therapists update students’ progress in the Student Achievement Book. Along with weekly and bi-weekly staff meetings, this enables staff members to maintain open communication and work together to help children achieve their goals.

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Yad Yisroel provides top-notch therapy to maximize our students’ physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. From music to animal therapy, a wide range of therapies facilitate emotional, academic, behavioral, and physical progress. Therapists utilize evidence-based methodologies and stay up to date with the latest techniques by participating in ongoing workshops and education sessions.

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From teachers to therapists to paraprofessionals, each staff member at Yad Yisroel is hand-picked. Our educators are skilled, passionate, and devoted to helping every child overcome their challenges and master new skills.

Teachers and therapists benefit from the guidance of top consultants and participate in training sessions to learn about new methodologies and effective teaching strategies.

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Yad Yisroel boasts modern facilities designed to accommodate and bring out the best in every student. Classrooms are bright, spacious, and furnished in vibrant colors that foster a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere.

Our facilities include a fully equipped Montessori room, Olympic-size swimming pool, state-of-the-art sensory gym and more. Hot, nutritious lunches are served daily, with accommodations made for restrictions and special diets.

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