About Yad Yisroel

At Yad Yisroel, we offer our students a personalized learning experience within a classroom environment. Here, children learn to overcome academic, social and emotional challenges as they gain important skills and develop their abilities.

Who We Are

Like many great things, Yad Yisroel was born out of necessity. When the time came for Mrs. Kaila Neuman to send her son who has special needs to school, she found herself at a loss. Hours of research turned up nothing—she couldn’t find a school that provided the uncompromising standard of education, proven results, and warm environment she was searching for. Taking matters into her own hands, she opened a school where children with special needs could thrive.

Step into a school built on values of excellence, warmth and personal attention—designed by a parent just like you.

Collaborative Learning Experience

At Yad Yisroel, staff members work together to ensure that every child receives a comprehensive and cohesive education. Weekly and bi-weekly meetings keep educators up-to-date on each student’s progress, and personalized Student Achievement Books allow teachers and therapists to keep track of achievements, goals, and milestones. Therapies are integrated into the daily schedule and correspond with other therapy treatments as well as group lesson themes.

Our Parents: Part of the Team

Parents are central to their children’s education and an important part of the students’ team. For that reason, parents at Yad Yisroel are always kept up-to-date and consulted on important decisions. We encourage parents to come to school to participate firsthand in their children’s education.


With inclusive classrooms, custom equipment, and private therapy rooms furnished with the newest equipment, our state-of-the-art facilities accommodate every student. Yad Yisroel’s Flatbush campus features a Montessori classroom, therapeutic heated pool (ideal for aquatic therapy), sensory gym, and warm, bright classrooms that take students’ sensitivities and learning preferences into account.